Discover the gardens at Villa Magnolia

We take great pride in our gardens and great joy in maintaining them. The gardens feature a variety of plants and no matter the season, there is always something new to discover.
The Villa itself is named after the Magnolia, a green and leafy plant with big and bold flowers. The plant, not native to Western Europe but rather imported from the Caribbean by the French in the 1700s, fares well in wind still weather. Even though the circumstances for its growth are not ideal in Zeeland, the gardens of the Villa did in fact feature this beautiful plant until 1944. After Oostkapelle was flooded for over a year, all plants and flowers were gone.

Zeeuws landschap

In fact, many of the plants and flowers native to the state of Zeeland disappeared in the last decades due to rezoning, water extraction and an overall change of the usage of land. However, Villa Magnolia has worked closely together with foundation “Het Zeeuws Landschap” to only plant those plants and flowers native to the region. These efforts can be seen especially in the gardens surrounding the Farm House.

Today, the gardens surrounding the Villa itself are best described as Cottage Gardens. These charming gardens lay secluded and offer a great sense of relaxation as they truly are an oasis. The ornamental gardens feature roses and hydrangeas and are in keeping with garden style of the era in which the Villa was build. In the gardens you’ll find sun loungers to soak up the sun or enjoy a good read.

English Landscape gardens

The gardens surrounding the Conservatory and Studios however, are English Landscape gardens and have a truly different identity. Traditionally, these gardens imitated nature and offered its visitors the sense of being in the countryside. Water features as well as classical influences are distinctive marks of this type of garden. We invite you to take a stroll in the gardens and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. On any given day you might encounter deer, rabbits and even pheasants in our gardens.

When strolling through the gardens you might be surprised to find the tea-pavilion hidden behind the green hedges. The windows of this structure are made from the stained glass windows of the former conservatory at the Villa. After an extension was added to the Villa, we decided to preserve the windows and recreate the conservatory’s experience and play of light in a different place.

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