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Discover the breakfastbuffet of Villa Magnolia

At Villa Magnolia we take pride in serving you the best the land has to offer. The best to us is represented in products sourced from local suppliers, fresh eggs, biological dairy and local cheeses. All jams and jellies come from social workshop de Stelle in Zeeland. The fruit is locally grown and all jam is produced at the farm. The aim of this workplace is to support people in their return to society through work, helping them grow their confidence and increase their experience. 

Our coffee and tea selection

The coffee at Villa Magnolia is Organico Espresso from DEAC coffee experts. This brand of coffee is developed by Cafema, the oldest provider of espresso-machines in the Netherlands. The coffee served is organic and fair-trade, and made from 100% Arabica beans roasted in the Netherlands. Moreover, it tastes fantastic. Our fresh bean machine offers you regular brews as well as fresh made macchiato and cappuccinos. The tea on offer is a selection of the finest teas by Dammann Fréres, an exclusive brand of teas, infusions and herbal teas. 

Royal Delft

In our remodelled conservatory you’ll find all these products in a delicious breakfast buffet with the best the land has to offer. In the conservatory you’ll also find the beautiful vase we commissioned from Royal Delft. The vase in typical Delft Blue style is a real conversation piece. Did you know that they never painted a magnolia, until they made this piece for us? You can find a report of the production process on the webpages of Royal Delft, featured as Magnolia Monday.

To match this beautifully crafted piece of art we serve our tea from a samovar with Delfts Blue handles. This samovar- or self-heater- holds hot water for your tea. On top of the samovar you will find a kettle with tea-concentrate, giving you the opportunity to craft your tea to your own preferences. The concept was developed in central- and southern European countries and slowly found its way to the salons of Western Europe. Breakfast is typically served between 08:00 and 10:30. For other breakfast times, please contact your Host. We will gladly make alternative arrangements. 

Breakfast is not included for guests staying in the studios and holiday cottages. If you are staying in one of these accommodations and would like to join us for breakfast, you can book your breakfast at our reception for € 17,50 per person per day. Children ages 3 till 11 can join for half price, children up to 3 years are welcome free of charge.

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